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9 Must-Know Tips for Every First-Timer in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Known for their controversial affairs of gambling and adult entertainment, there’s more to this Sin City than their risque reputation. It is a city that’s vibrant, colorful, and extremely enjoyable. They make the best getaway destination if you need a change of pace or looking forward to an adventurous weekend.

Although greatly considered as an adult’s playground, Las Vegas has an innocent side that’s perfect for young visitors. There are theme parks, botanical gardens, shows, and many other exciting activities for kids and families.

So whether you are traveling with your party people or catching some downtime with your family, Las Vegas can give you the best of both worlds. It has a myriad of options that can run the gamut from mild to wild.

If this is your first time visiting the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, then I guess you’re pretty stoked about your what to do once you get there. There are so many exciting adventures awaiting in Las Vegas that can easily overwhelm you while sorting your itinerary or packing your things. But don’t worry. I’ve got a quick guide for you!

Let’s make your visit to the neon-colored paradise an unforgettable experience. Below are some tips to maximize your fun experience, avoid long queues, and spend as little as you can as you see the best places in La Vegas:

1: Book a discounted hotel accommodation before your trip

There are many hotels in Las Vegas, and most of them come with lavish expenses. But if you want to experience a night as a Bachelor or a VIP in Vegas, then spend a night in some of the Strip’s grand hotels. Luckily, you can find tons of discounts online. Shop here for more discount.

Additionally, you can purchase other exciting deals and offerings for your trip. You can get a new dress or even book a flight without spending so much. If you’re interested in more money-saving opportunities, get the best deal here.  

2: Get to know your surroundings.

I know that there’s so much to see and do that you might want to start rolling the dice and heading to the dance floors as soon as you stepped into the city. But first thing’s first: Get some insider’s tip on the city’s history, buildings, and many other exciting bits of information.

To do this, it is ideal to hop on a Big Bus where you can enjoy a narrated tour of the city. Stay on the bus for the entire tour duration before deciding which stop should you hop off.

The tour can show you a better picture of the city and help you identify where the restaurants are, vending machines, hospitals, and any other important nearby junctions. You can also familiarize your location, like the buildings surrounding your hotel or its neighboring landmarks.

3: Ride, don’t hike.

You might think that you can walk all the way from Mandala Bay to MGM Grand, but you’ll regret it as soon as you’ve reached some couple blocks down the road. That’s because the buildings look closer than they really are. However, the Strip is four miles long. So instead of exhausting your energy on a walking journey, why not save it for later for some fun pursuits?

4: Carry some clothing cover-ups.

Even if it’s scorching hot outside, establishments have powerful ACs to compensate the sultry Las Vegas atmosphere. So, it’s best to bring some cover-ups like a light jacket, a cardigan, or a scarf. Additionally, don’t forget to wear your sunscreens!

5: Don’t buy drinks in the casino.

Wait until the waitress approaches you and offers you a free drink. Casinos entice customers to stay and gamble by offering free cocktails. This is also a perfect opportunity if you’re planning on hitting the clubs after your casino trip. You can start sipping booze and setting the mood for a dance on the casino floor without spending a dime on your drinks!

6: Register for a casino player’s club.

Whether you’ll be gambling or not, sign up for a player’s club. The card can give you discounted access and freebies to some of Las Vegas’ bests. This is a great way to save bucks on shows, restaurants, attractions, and more!

7: Attend a gambling lesson

Not everyone seated on the table is a seasoned gambler. Some have just received their gambling lessons and are trying to test their knowledge and luck at the game.

If you want to experience betting on Las Vegas, you need to make some preparations first. Know the basics and learn some techniques from the pro. You can take free gambling lessons hosted by Las Vegas casinos.

8: Have your dinner earlier if possible

In Las Vegas, their peak dinner times are between 6 pm to 8 pm. Buffets and top restaurants get pretty crowded during this period. It might give you a horrible dining experience and could waste much of time on waiting lines.

If you can dine earlier, that’s much better! You can have an intimate moment with some of Las Vegas’ famous cuisines and take your time eating without feeling pressured by guests looking for a spare table or a long waiting line by the food table.

9: Spend some nickel taking a picture with a costumed character

There are many costumed characters along the Strip. They are one of the entertaining highlights in the city. You could see Bumblebee, Elmo, and many others scattered around. But be warned though: If you will take a photo with them, they will expect you to pay for it. To avoid feeling shocked or embarrassed, you can either take a pass or negotiate a price they’re willing to settle with beforehand.

Anyway, Las Vegas has many iconic sights and scenic landscapes you can take for pictures for free! Just remember to bring your power bank, charger, and batteries. You don’t want to miss any picture-perfect moments while on the Strip!

A Final Note

Have lots of fun while in Sin City. Immerse in the varied experiences on the Strip and make more memories. And as always, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”


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